Thursday, 1 March 2012

The modus operandi

Personal scam can :-

-        Take up all your time
-        Con you even if you think that cannot happen
-        Manipulate getting money from you

The Nigerian Love scam :-

-        Started with the Nigerian Lottery and Inheritance Scams : You’d get a letter that a million dollars if yours. “Contact us immediately”
-        Then you are asked to pay some lawyers fee or some transfer fee
-        If your credit card or check is given, your accounts will be drained

It evolved:-

The scam moved to Love scams, where the person sell themselves as your true soul mate;
It started with mails but then evolved to internet personals sites. It is a multi-million dollar industry now

Everybody wants to be told they are loved and to end loneliness :-

Nigerians Scammers knows just how to appeal this. The often follow written scripts, used prepared letters, and follow a sequential plan to con and get money.

-Scammers are often from Nigeria, in Lagos or neighbouring cities
- Scammers are spreading to East Asia, often African Countries. Eastern Europe, China, South            America
-The Nigerian scammers often use British English
- Some East African try to use Black Urban American Dialect;
- Scammers from these countries also scam Europeans using web translators (German, French)